Friday, October 1, 2010

Nusa Lebongan

Next Jet (my Dutch travel partner) and I moved on to Nusa Lembongan. At first look we were sceptical, but the place turned out to be paradise. Soon after arriving we were told to leave our bags and hop on the back of two motorbikes to look for accomodation. We were then driven all over the island and settled on Mushroom bay. We had a beatiful traditional Balanese Villa over looking the ocean. From there we have a veiw of a volcano on Bali. Again there was crystal clear water for swimming and snorkeling. That night however, we found that the place was a bit quiet. Jet and I were in bed reading at 8pm and asleep by 9. The next day we rented our own scooter and found dream beach. It's name was fitting and it easily one of the most beautiful beaches I ahve seen in my life. We then had lunch at Scallywags an organic resteraunt on the beach. It was a truely perfect day.

Gilli Islands

After Ubud , I headed off to the Gilli Islands for a little sun and fun. Unfortunately what I got was a bad dose of food poisoning!!! Luckily, my new found Dutch friend turned out to be a wonderfully caring person who brought me ginger tea and stayed in with me watching DVD's instead of partying at the many beachside bars. After a couple of days I was able to enjoy the stunning white sand beaches and crystal clear water. The place we stayed had a pool with a swim up bar right on the beach, so not bad digs. There was great snorkeling right off the beach where you can spot a few turtles swimming by. We stayed for five days - most of which I was ill - but it is was hard to feel bad in a place so beautiful.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Ubud photos


A relaxing three days in Ubud is unfortunately coming to an end. Rice fields, volcanoes, hot springs,monkey forests, exotic Indonesian dancing,good food, and massages have all been on the agenda here. I mean how can you dislike a place that has a restaurant serving nothing but suckling pig and another called the dirty duck that specializes in ...crispy duck. The town has an extremely relaxed vibe even though it is fairly busy and the scenery around it is stunning. The shopping is good too and I am finding it excruciating trying not to shop. Tomorrow I am heading to the Gilli Islands with a Dutch girl I met in the Laughing Buddha Bar last night. Although sad to leave this little oasis, I am happy to be headed to what I hope will be stunning beaches.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Kuta photos

This stinks!

Okay. I have just spent close to an hour trying to upload pictures from Bali and have in the meantime deleted all the ones from Sri Lanka! Urgh!